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TR-Therapy is a multi-disciplinary device which covers vast number of both acute and chronic sport injuries and musculoskeletal disorders indications. Whether you prefer massage, passive motion, muscle activation or other techniques, TR-Therapy can be used with all of them. This concept dramatically enhances the results and cuts the recovery time significantly so one can return back to what they love. The therapy is very pleasant as the heat spreads through one’s body and it is also supported by valid medical effects it causes, such as myorelaxation, analgesia and others.



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Medical Effects


Alternating current flowing through the tissue creates faster ion movement which causes an increase in activity of the lymphatic system and results in athermic effects.


Thermal medical effects are based on vasodilatation causing a targeted local increase of blood perfusion and in consequence myorelaxation, increased oxygen and nutrient supply and healing support.

Edema Reduction

TR-Therapy helps reduce edema by allowing for faster restoration of the capillary permeability.

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Anti-inflammatory Effect

TR-Therapy treats inflammation by speeding up cell metabolism and resorption of proinflammatory mediators.

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Toxin Absorption

TR-Therapy used during or right after training or during re-convalescence phase activates the lymphatic system to faster circulation.

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Healing Support

TR-Therapy supports healing on both macroscopic and cellular level.

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Muscle Relaxation

TR-Therapy causes local hyperthermy and vasodilation. Broadened blood vessels are responsible for higher blood perfusion.

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Analgesic Effect

Analgesic effect is the principal medical effect of TR-Therapy. The effect of pain relief is a result of combination of all the above mentioned effects.

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resistive mode


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TR-Therapy transfers radiofrequency energy through tissue using either capacitive or resistive applicator. Capacitive mode is used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles. Resistive way of application treats deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones. Due to natural resistivity of the body to radiofrequency energy, TR-Therapy creates pleasant selective healing that spreads through the body. TR-Therapy brings not only scientifically proven medical effects but also a great feeling of being relaxed.



Does TR-Therapy hurt?

No, TR-Therapy treatment doesn’t hurt. Quite the contrary! During therapy patients feel immediate and constant warmth streaming through the treated area which results in a blissful sensation.

How long before I feel the results?

The beauty of TR-Therapy is the instantaneous result. The relief comes few moments after starting the therapy. The relief doesn’t end with the therapy but lasts hours after.

Who is TR-Therapy for?

Although most materials present the use of TR-Therapy for sportsmen and women they are just part of the group who the treatments are for. For assessment whether you are the right candidate for TR-Therapy consult your therapist and see indications.

Is TR-Therapy different from Tecar therapy?

Both TR-Therapy and Tecar therapy are based on distributing radiofrequency energy through the body. Tecar is an Italian abbreviation for “transferimento energetico capacitivo a resistivo”. It is a modality developed in the 1970’s which remained the same over the years and is present mostly on the Italian market. TR-Therapy works on similar principle as Tecar but has been developed just recently to fit the needs of a modern physiotherapists and to satisfy even the most demanding patients in terms of both safety and effectiveness of the outcome.  

Is TR-Therapy dangerous?

TR-Therapy utilizes electric current but is by no means dangerous. The modality distributes pleasant warmth through the tissue doing no harm whatsoever. The PT asks the patient about their sensation throughout the therapy and prevents any feeling of discomfort. The therapy is enjoyable and relaxing. To ensure the utmost patient safety TR-Therapy features Dynamic Impedance Control which adjusts the power of the device throughout the therapy according to the immediate characteristic and condition of the treated tissue preventing peak values and resulting in even and safe heating of the area.

Will the therapy cure me permanently?

Every person and every condition is different. TR-Therapy brings scientifically proven, immediate and long-lasting relief. TR-Therapy relieves conditions for which it is indicated instantly, moments after initiating the therapy. The results depend on the patient’s condition, whether they exercise and follow the protocol suggested by PT.

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Trigger Points in Cervical Region

Overuse or trauma to the muscles that support the shoulders and neck are a common cause of cervical myofascial pain. Upon examination, the therapist locates the hyperirritable area – the trigger points. Using TR-Therapy capacitive mode increases blood perfusion in the superficial area. In the next step, resistive mode focuses radiofrequency energy into the previously located trigger points and relieves them. TR-Therapy for treatment of trigger points gives even better results when combined with manual techniques using the TR-Therapy concept e.g. TR-Therapy Massage Technique or TR-Therapy Passive Motion Technique. 

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is caused primarily by high tension of the paravertebral muscles of the lumbar spine and large back muscles. TR-Therapy increases blood perfusion of the area both superficially and in depth. When combined with a manual technique of e.g. TR-Therapy Massage Technique the relief from either acute or chronic pain is immediate and long-lasting. The effects of TR-Therapy in treatment of low back pain are affirmed and demonstrated by Czech top physician professor Kolář at his Center for Physical Medicine, Prague.

Cervical Pain

Cervical pain is a common condition four in five people will suffer from at some point of their life. TR-Therapy relieves cervical pain through the process of myorelaxation during which the blood perfusion of the area is heightened and the trigger points relieved. TR-Therapy combines well with massage of the affected muscles, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and muscle activation. All of which help relieve muscles in the cervical region and learn proper motion stereotypes.

Painful Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition limiting the range of motion in the shoulder joint, affecting daily activities such as brushing one’s hair, turning the lights on/off etc. After the acute stage, TR-Therapy can be applied. Initially, TR-Therapy works athermally and reduces inflammation. Consequently TR-Therapy is applied thermally to affect surrounding muscles, which were previously inhibited or overloaded. We facilitate the inhibited muscles and relax the overloaded ones. TR-Therapy reduces pain and allows the patient to return to daily activities – but painless.


Overloading of tissue structures leads to their deterioration. In case of tendons this leads to microruptures which the body has the tendency to heal. Body triggers an inflammatory response – the natural healing process. Inflammatory response is supported by TR-Therapy by initiating circular and lymphatic system to higher activity. As a result the tissue heals faster and more efficiently and the disorder is eliminated.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A common solution to carpal tunnel syndrome is surgery to relieve the nerve in the tunnel obstructed by pressure from surrounding ligaments. TR-Therapy offers a non-invasive solution. Radiofrequency energy selectively focuses into ligaments and combined with mobilization releases the obstruction, relaxes the muscles in the area and allows for painless non-surgical mobility restoration. TR-Therapy can prevent otherwise surgical resolution of the carpal tunnel syndrome.


Pain of the knee (gonalgia) is a rather limiting condition leading to antalgic hold of posture resulting in bad locomotion stereotypes causing overload of other muscle groups and their pain and stiffness. TR-Therapy helps in two ways – in combination with manual Massage Technique and stretching, it relieves pain and hypertonous muscles and prevents surgery. If surgical treatment is required, TR-Therapy can be used post-surgery to provide healing support and faster recovery.

Ankle Distortion

Swelling in the ankle area occurs as a part of the inflammatory response or as a result of the lymphatic system insufficiency. If not treated in acute phase, it can fibrotize and become chronic. TR-Therapy eliminates edema through athermic process. TR-Therapy restores capillary permeability caused by the trauma and increases activity of the lymphatic system ending in faster drainage, healing and edema resorption. As Monika Házová, Czech top PT, describes her experience with treating ankle distortion with TR-Therapy: “Right after the first application the patient described decrease in pain, tension and swelling. After another four therapies, the patient had nearly no problems and was able to fully load the foot. Recovery time decreased by half.”

Triceps Surae Regeneration

As a result of higher physical activity, there is an increased lactic acid production. Lactic acid crystalizes, remains in the muscles and causes pain pertaining for as long as several days. TR-Therapy instantly relieves pain. TR-Therapy can be used either directly on the spot during training or right after. For training and post-training regeneration purposes, the device was acquired by the ice hockey team of Jaromír Jágr, Czech Olympic medal winner and top NHL player.

Trigger Points in Quadriceps Muscle

Palpable hyperirritable nodules (trigger points) in quadriceps femoris muscle result from overuse of the muscle or muscle group. TR-Therapy is effectively incorporated in their release by Post-isometric Relaxation causing first, superficial hyperthermy and second, targeting each trigger point separately. TR-Therapy allows for faster and painless return to daily routine with no limitations.

Edema Reduction

TR-Therapy helps reduce edema by allowing for faster restoration of the capillary permeability caused by damage to the structural integrity due to e.g. tissue trauma. TR-Therapy is successful in treatment of both acute and chronic edema through increasing the activity of the lymphatic system.

Anti-inflammatory Effect

TR-Therapy treats inflammation by speeding up cell metabolism and resorption of proinflammatory mediators. Decreased concentration of proinflammatory mediators restores capillary permeability and results in complete elimination of inflammation and faster return to one’s daily activities.

Toxin Absorption

During overload of physical activity our body produces excessive amounts of lactic acid which crystalizes in the muscle and causes pain. TR-Therapy used during or right after training or during re-convalescence phase activates the lymphatic system to faster circulation and hence faster absorption of lactic acid. As a result the muscles are relaxed and ready for further, pain free performance.

Healing Support

TR-Therapy supports healing on both macroscopic and cellular level. On the macroscopic level, due to heating the tissue and consequently increasing blood perfusion in the area, the exchange between veins and tissue happens faster and the tissue is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients in shorter time.  On the cellular level, TR-Therapy improves tissue metabolism which in turn causes faster healing.  TR-Therapy can be used during or right after training in order to deliver pain free, immediate and top results.

Muscle Relaxation

TR-Therapy causes local hyperthermy and vasodilatation. Broadened blood vessels are responsible for higher blood perfusion which results in muscle relaxation. The effect of muscle relaxation can be used to treat various indications e.g. in trigger point treatment, muscle hypertonus of various origin or to increase flexibility of shortened muscles.

Analgesic Effect

The effect of pain relief is a result of combination of all the above mentioned effects as pain can be caused by e.g. edema, muscle spasm, muscle injury or inflammation. Analgesic effect is the principal medical effect of TR-Therapy.  The mechanism of pain relief by TR-Therapy is based on all the principles above mainly then on increased blood perfusion of the area and consequent muscle relaxation.

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