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I have the best results with TR-Therapy...


TR-Therapy is a very useful complement to manual therapies...

“I am a physiotherapist with 20 years of practice. My first encounter with radiofrequency therapy was 3 years ago. I have been working with BTL-6000 TR-Therapy for about half year now. Throughout my three-year practice I have had the chance to see and perform number of therapies focused on treating acute injuries and pains as well as chronic issues.

I have the best results with TR-Therapy in treatment of acute injuries of muscles, joints and ligaments. You can use the device right the day after the injury happened and repeatedly, up to several times a day. Affecting the injured tissue with radiofrequency reduces swelling and tension and affecting the nociceptors decreases the feeling of pain. Other significant effects of the therapy are tissue regeneration and muscle relaxation in muscle spasms due to the thermic effect. The device is also effective in treatment of inflammation, arthrosis, muscle and joint pain.

It is suitable to employ various physiotherapeutic techniques such as muscle stretching, mobilization, joint centering or active exercise while using the TR-Therapy. Employing these techniques increases the effect of radiofrequency on human tissue. The benefit of TR-Therapy is significant acceleration of heeling, shortening the recovery time and decreasing the pain.

An example of TR-Therapy application is acute ankle distortion. Right after the first application the patient described decrease in pain, tension and swelling. After another four therapies, which were carried out twice a week, the patient had nearly no problems and was able to fully load the foot. The recovery time was shortened nearly by half.

TR-Therapy is also suitable for sub-acute or chronic issues e.g. back pain. Patients describe feeling of relief of tension, broader range of motion and decrease in pain.

Based on my experience TR-Therapy is suitable for acute, sub-acute and chronic therapies, in which cases it significantly decreases the recovery time by half. TR-Therapy helps faster return to daily routine or sports.”

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