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November 07, 2015

TR-Therapy Workshop in Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

The idea of the workshop was to present a new trend in physical therapy - Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy - and its implementation into daily rehabilitation practice. 


TR-Therapy workshop Croatia

On Nov 7, 2015 at the premises of a private physiotherapy Jadranka Brozd was held the first in a series of educational workshops titled "Application of TR therapy". The idea of the workshop was to present a new trend in physical therapy that promotes Targeted Radiofrequency (TR) technology as one of the safest forms of targeted and selective heating of tissue and its implementation in physical therapy. TR-Therapy is effective in rehabilitation of sports injuries, acute and chronic conditions and management of painful conditions.  The attendees were 28 physiotherapists who have had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the theory and application of medical TR system. Part of the program was also a practical demonstration of therapeutic procedures.


Blaženka Nekić , M.D., specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Jadranka Brozd , bacc. physiotherapist

Ivor Bozic , bacc. physiotherapist



I have been working with BTL physiotherapy equipment for over 15 years...

Balženka Nekić, M.D. 

“I have been working with standard BTL physiotherapy equipment for over 15 years and 2 years ago I started working with their high-end technologies in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Therefore I wanted to expand my knowledge also to TR-Therapy and radiofrequency usage in treatments of musculoskeletal system. I learned how one can join TR-Therapy and techniques I have learned earlier, such as mobilization techniques, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or taping.”

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